10 Disco Outfits You’ll Be the Life of the Party In

10 Disco Outfits You'll Be the Life of the Party In 7
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The disco craze of the 1970s in the U.S. represented the boundary-breaking themes of the decade itself, drawing on the social movements of the ’60s, from hippie counterculture to the sexual revolution, and bringing people of different backgrounds together through music and dance. Disco clubs, one of the most famous of which was Studio 54 in New York, were hotbeds of self-expression and even rebellion. The anything-goes mentality carried over to disco fashion, as clothing was used to make a statement but needed to be comfortable enough to dance in: bell-bottom pants, crop tops, jumpsuits, short sequin dresses—the bolder the better. 

Many would argue that the political and social themes of the ’70s are reflected in today’s society, and the same can be said for clothing trends. Thanks to fashion’s return to boho-chic, ’70s style has also made a comeback. So whether you’re looking for some casual daily disco inspo to weave into your life or have a ’70s-themed party or Halloween event to attend, pay tribute to the era with one of these 10 disco outfits.

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