10 Fashion Trends That Will Be All Over Instagram in 2020

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Ask just about anyone of your friends where they go to for fashion inspiration, and we’d venture to guess the answer will almost always be Instagram. Unlike 10 years ago when magazine spreads were the destination of choice, the social media platform has unequivocally become the easiest way to discover new brands, outfit ideas, and the ilk in no time flat. Fashion trends, specifically, are ripe for the picking on Insta, but sometimes there are certain looks that don’t seem to translate to real-life so well (I’m talking directly to you, extremely low-slung jeans).

Thankfully, there remain plenty of Instagram fashion trends that look sensational not only on the confines of your iPhone but also in real life where it matters most. Ahead, see 10 of our favorites and shop the pieces to up your personal style game on social media and IRL.

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