10 Photos Of Rihanna’s Brand New Tour Costumes

1. This is one of the looks Givenchy custom-made for Rihanna to wear in her “Diamonds” tour.

The show started Sunday night in Buffalo, and the fashion highlights include custom looks by Kanye West’s favorite label Givenchy. “I enjoyed making these looks: Rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is punk and talented,” said Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci. “She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty. Rihanna has what every girl aspires to have. She is the face of her generation.”

2. Rihanna apparently enters Madonna-style with this cape and goggles (not sunglasses, goggles).

3. She removes the cape to reveal this hooded jacket.

Which she later removes to reveal the bedazzled high-waisted hipster panties you saw in image 1.

4. Other looks are typical Rihanna.

Like this “wait, is she wearing a bra or just her arms?” ensemble.

6. Or the classic tee shirt + crotch-high boots combo.

Always a winning formula in Rihanna land.

7. And her signature sneakers plus cocktail dress.

One of my favorite looks of hers. It’s not easy to pull of this kind of irreverence, actually.

9. And she wouldn’t be a proper diva if she didn’t have one blindingly shiny jumpsuit.

10. The only look that seems somewhat out-of-place might be this, actually.

It’s athletic in the most forced way. Very “Power Rangers” if imagined by Fashion Star designers.

In addition to Givenchy, Rihanna wears pieces created by Adam Selman, who worked on her River Island collection, and designers like Raf Simons.

As great as these looks are, you have to wonder if — seeing as this is her DIAMONDS tour — she should have done the whole show in a reprise of this:

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