15 Fall Maternity Outfits for Stylish Mothers-to-Be

15 Fall Maternity Outfits for Stylish Mothers-to-Be 7
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When it comes to maternity, many mothers find themselves longing for the days of jeans and formfitting dresses. Bringing a child into this world is a miracle in and of itself, but it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your personal style during these special nine months. Sure, you won’t be able to wear everything you wore before (sorry, rigid jeans), but there are so many cool outfit ideas that accommodate a growing belly, and we have a feeling they’ll make you forget about any outfit woes you have.

For stylish moms-to-be, motherhood doesn’t have to mean making do with sweatpants. On the contrary, mommy bloggers galore on Instagram have proven that you really can have it all—motherhood and cool maternal style. If you’re still not convinced, I’ll let Instagram’s most fashionable mothers and mothers-to-be prove it. Read on for 15 fall maternity outfits that will carry you to the moment you can wear (non-maternity) jeans once more.

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