15 Princess Diana Outfits That Look So Timeless

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Some people are absolutely obsessed with the royals, including everything they wear, where they are going, who they are dating, and so on and so forth. I, on the other hand, am not. I mean I get it, trust me. The fact that anyone who is a royal is essentially untouchable stirs up weird feelings of obsession and wonderment as we all desperately try to get an inside look at the lives of the princesses, queens, duchesses, and more. I will admit that a lot of royals do dress well, especially Princess Diana. While that certainly is not news, after searching through archive images of the People’s Princess, I found 15 outfits I personally had never seen before that really struck a chord.

The looks you’re about to see here are each the perfect combination of classic and trendy. Each and every one of the outfits could be worn now and look fresh as a button. Take the below look, for example.

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