19 Cheap and Trendy Items That Are Still Classic

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Sometimes investing in a trend (regardless of the price tag) gives you a moment of pause because you sit there wondering if everyone will have moved on in a month and this waste of money will still be hanging in your closet. Thanks to social media, the trend cycle moves at lightning speed these days so the chances of said item being over before you even got to wear it are high. After experiencing this situation one too many times, I made it a point to only invest in trends I see some sort of longevity in.

The safest way to ensure the trend has longevity is to buy into the ones that skew on the classic side. A trend that’s also classic, sounds weird right? Let me explain: Certain trends may fluctuate in popularity, but never truly go out of style. Think trends like leopard print or skinny jeans—they’re timeless trends that will never actually go away. So when you find an item that checks both of these boxes and is affordable, that’s a purchase you should feel confident in.

Below, I’ve found 19 items that check all three boxes. They fall right at the intersection of cheap, trendy, and classic (I even made a handy Venn diagram to illustrate said items, in case you’re a visual learner). Keep reading to see and shop all 19. 

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