19 Cute, Comfortable Walking Shoes You Can Wear Everywhere

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There are two inescapable realities about New York that I’ve come to reluctantly accept over the last four years of living here: the weather and the walking. Despite my most valiant efforts to map out my day so I avoid any potentially disastrous downpours or exponentially long commutes, it’s eventually going to happen. Rain will happen. Subway delays will happen. It all will happen at some point. Rather than wallow in my sorrow, I’ve chosen a less dramatic route and invested in footwear that helps me combat these woeful environmental situations.

Of course, the best pair of shoes for looking cute while staying comfortable depends on which season we’re talking about. If it’s winter, you’re going to be needing footwear that stands up to the elements. But because it’s the end of summer and we’re in that weird time when it’s too late to buy a pair of warm-weather sandals but too early to go full thigh-high boots vibes, I thought I’d share some options that toe the line between both summer and fall. Continue ahead to shop the shoes I vouch for when it comes to commuting around New York City.

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