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small collection of cool star wars picks funny and epic

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When she’s hinting

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Play till You Drop

Amazon Just Revealed a Few Photos and the Premiere Date for ‘The Tick’

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Gotta love otters

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Tiger Woods Played Golf With Kid Rock

Today, Kid Rock posted a picture on Facebook of himself on a golf course wearing a backwards trucker hat, an untucked see-through shirt embroidered...

floating head makeup

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9 raras fotos a color de Marilyn Monroe y Arthur Miller

Apodados “el cerebro y el reloj de arena”, la icónica estrella de cine y el dramaturgo hacían una extraña pareja. ...

Woman Is So Sick Of Being Single For 6 Years, She Marries Herself

After six years in an intense relationship, artist Grace Gelder put a ring on it. Gelder made the unusual choice to marry...

Ravers Dancing At A Music Festival Set To The Benny Hill Theme Will Change...

Put on some headphones and watch the best 48 seconds on the internet. Video...

This Is What Team USA Really Accomplished In The World Cup

One nation. One team. 1. It united a nation. View this image...

I guess you could say he was thinking outside the box

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Tail Bandit Is A Cockatoo

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44 Flawless Black Women Who Should Be Your WCW

#WomanCrushWednesday Beautiful black women are everywhere. They're musicians, actresses, moms, activists, models, authors, ordinary women and everything in between. Here's a list of 44 amazing...

Baby Falls Over Laughing at Mom

This mother had curl rollers in her hair which was extremely amusing and funny to her baby. He couldn’t keep himself from laughing so...