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Community Post: 25 Beautiful Quotes About Snow

1. View this image › Via w8themes.com 2. ...

Funny Stuff Dump…

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Breakfast With A Venus Flytrap

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Body Shapes: A Handy Guide

Read more: http://ifunny.com/pictures/body-shapes-handy-guide/

8-Year-Old Boy Saves Six Family Members From Fire But Dies Trying To Save A...

View this image › Democrat and Chronicle Tyler Doohan, an...

Can we play please?

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John Cusack Brought A Boombox Onstage At A Peter Gabriel Concert

Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tEIty14mI_I. youtube.com In case you have never seen it, here’s the scene from Say Anything: ...

Interviews with serial killers

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10 Of The Most Stylish Scary Movies Ever

Fashion and fear go quite well together. Here’s a look at some classic horror films that are chic with a shriek. ...

Cretinous: How twisted ingrates ‘honor’ Veterans Day

http://twitter.com/#!/Baby_Kaj/status/399805611262488576 The soulless, it scorches. As the sane honor our brave veterans, the cretinous offer their despicable and stomach-turning thoughts. http://twitter.com/#!/w_stather/status/399855979346817024 http://twitter.com/#!/muthafukindanyo/status/399832212490575872 http://twitter.com/#!/Diggthejsg/status/399781796096638976 http://twitter.com/#!/GenoJoyce/status/399766273602895872 http://twitter.com/#!/Kirkism1/status/399604844719112192 http://twitter.com/#!/daProPhet25/status/399783445720997888 Oh, well. No disrespect or anything. For...

Skill level over: 9000

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That moment when the acid kicks in

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The Top 100 ‘Pictures of the Day’ for 2013

At the end of every quarter the Sifter highlights the top 25 ‘ ‘, culminating in an epic Top 100 at the end of...

Oh the hilarity

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American girls charted by the Beach Boys

(via I Love Charts)Read more: http://twentytwowords.com/american-girls-charted-by-the-beach-boys/

Floating mug that eliminates the need for coasters

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/k3qSJIi

We Drew 9 Disney Scenes According To Science And It’s Horrifying

You can thank me later for ruining your childhood. 1. If mermaids were real then Ariel's nose would be on top of her head. ...

Wonderful Pistachios Presents $10,000 Twitter Puzzle

Wonderful Pistachios has garnered a fair amount of attention with its long-running ad campaign featuring D-list celebs and Internet memes. Now, the brand is...

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