28 Holy-Grail Skincare Products Broken Down by Cost-Per-Wear

28 Holy-Grail Skincare Products Broken Down by Cost-Per-Wear 7
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Like fashion, beauty has its own separate cool club of statement pieces—the iconic, famous, celeb-, esthetician-, dermatologist-, editor-, makeup artist–loved products virtually everyone has tried, promptly purchased, and consistently restocked. Regardless of how many new launches we see and test every year (believe us, that number is in the hundreds), there are certain products that will forever live in infamy—formulas that are so good they simply can’t be beaten. “Cult classics,” “holy grail,” “sent from heaven’s beauty gods”—whatever you want to call them, they exist, and they’re the statement-making investment pieces every beauty and fashion girl covets to outfit and accessorize their beauty wardrobe.

As we continue to build out Who What Wear Beauty, it was obvious we needed to dedicate an in-depth ode to the market’s most-wanted and beloved beauty picks shoppers consistently scramble to get their hands on. So here lies our user-friendly formula: 28 showstopping, complexion-minded masterpieces we think you should most definitely try (and own) in your lifetime, broken down by cost per wear. Most products will last you around three months, so we’ll divide the price by 90, noting any exceptions to the rule.

Yes, some of these are pretty splurge-worthy, but the cost-per-wear angle serves as a reminder that many of these formulas will last you a long, long time, and when used on the regular, that initial sticker shock totally pays off—literally. That said, some of our favorite holy-grail skincare products are a total steal and come in under $10. Either way, these 28 formulas are the dime-piece skincare products that play a starring role in the most elite of skincare routines. Excited? Same. Ahead, 28 holy-grail skincare products to instantly lend an edge to your skin game. Keep scrolling!

PS: Several of the skincare items in this story are part of Dermstore’s 20th Anniversary Sale, which the retailer is celebrating with a site relaunch and up to 25% off going on now through August 25. Happy shopping! 

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