&#39Teenager Mom 2&#39 Chelsea Phone calls Adam&#39s Ex “Insane”

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‘Teen Mother 2’ preview clip: Chelsea phone calls Adam’s other ex “crazy” when she crosses the line with her boy or girl. Subscribe! Starring Chelsea …
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  1. I love Chelsea. It's sad that Aubree's dad is such a dead beat and treats Chelsea and Aubree so horrible. I'm glad Chelsea found and married Cole, he is such a good dad/father figure for Aubree. They deserve a great guy like Cole. Chelsea is so sweet♥️

  2. Okay it is weird okay you post a picture with your x boyfriends daughter. Um yeah I would be upset too like don't post pictures with my kid you guys aren't even together. That girl is seeking attention she went off the deep end 🤣

  3. Good lord this is soooo fucking immature. This isn't gossip hour in the high school cafeteria. Yes, Chelsea has every right to protect her daughter's privacy, but the mocking in how she refers to Taylor? Calling her "seriously crazy" and then telling Taylor "nothing of what you just said had nothing to do with what I said." Umm… YOU CALLED HER SERIOUSLY CRAZY so yeah, kinda did! And then getting all giddy and shit to see how Taylor responded? Chelsea was way eating up all this drama like it was ambrosia.

    Ngl, lost a bit of respect for Chelsea with this bullshit.

  4. Wow! I ran across this video and those were the days chelsea drove me nuts! I get that it's adam's responsibility to make sure aubree sees paisley but would she really not put her feelings aside so the kids could see each other? We al know adam wasn't gonna do it for long. It doesn't matter whose job it is. They're sisters and should b seeing each other. Glad she got over that and they're friends now. Hard to believe watching that though.

  5. I Agree With Chelsea 100% And Adam's Ex Taylor Should Not Be Posting Pictures And I Know She Was Furious. But Aubree Is A Child And Adam And Chelsea Need To Start Acting Like Parents And Take Care Of Their Child. Taylor Has Been In Aubree's Life For The Last 3 And A Half Years But Aubree's 4 And When She Gets Older She Will Not Have A Dad In Her Life. I Don't Agree With Taylor At All. Chelsea Needs To Not Talk To Her Anymore. Aubree's A Beautiful Child And She Has A Long Way To Go Before She Is A Teenager. Aubree's Growing Up So Fast And I Remember When She Was Born But She's 4 Now.

  6. I get her being uncomfortable but there are more mature ways to handle things. And Taylor's response was polite and everything she said was true. And if Chelsea asks her not to post pictures of Aubree then she should respect that.

  7. OMG what is the big fuckin deal?! Chelsea needs to grow the fuck up man! A picture?! Everything she said about that girl is only true about herself. Chelsea is OBSESSED WITH ADAM!!! She should get a life already.





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