4 Airport-Friendly Shoes—and the Worst Style to Wear

4 Airport-Friendly Shoes—and the Worst Style to Wear 7
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I recently went over the carry-on bag I ditched to make airport security more of a breeze. (Sorry, open tote bags.) Well, on a recent trip, I quickly realized that there’s another popular travel item that just doesn’t work for me. Yep, it’s those open-back flat mules that are officially a no-go.

Okay, let me dive into this a bit further. I’m actually a champion for this shoe silhouette in my day-to-day for running to get coffee or leisurely strolling around for an afternoon of shopping. But for travel? Well, while they seemed practical in theory thanks to the easy, slip-on nature—ideal for removing swiftly through security and on the plane for those long hauls—they ultimately just seemed to slow me down. I found myself awkwardly shuffling between terminals trying to grip my toes to keep them on my feet rather than being able to normally keep up with the pace of those in my party.

The issue only escalated when walking on that slight incline on the jet bridge with all my luggage. I just ultimately felt I was working too hard trying to keep the shoes on my feet to avoid tripping—when in reality, I could’ve just worn shoes that have the same ease but don’t make getting around as awkward. So for me, I’ll be reserving those flat mules for my non-travel life and opting for other shoe styles instead. On that note, I rounded up celeb airport-style inspiration to highlight said footwear picks and shopped out similar silhouettes if you’re also looking to streamline your next jet-set outfit.

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