4 Fashion Enthusiasts Show How They Style Nere Luggage

4 Fashion Enthusiasts Show How They Style Nere Luggage 7

4 Fashion Enthusiasts Show How They Style Nere Luggage

As a fashion editor, I never really stop talking about clothes, shoes and accessories, but there’s one category that I feel is highly overlooked—luggage. In the world of fashion, every detail counts, even down to what you’re toting through the terminal. Picture this: you step into the airport in your carefully curated flying ensemble ready to jet off to your next destination. But wait, what’s that you’re dragging behind you? From sleek carry-ons to statement-making suitcases, your choice of luggage sets the tone for your entire journey. The luggage you choose isn’t just a practical necessity; it’s an extension of your personal style, so why settle for anything less than chic? In 2024, there’s only one travel accessory brand worth carrying—Nere

Hailing from the shores of Australia, Nere has swiftly risen through the ranks to become the go-to choice for fashion insiders worldwide, from influencers to editors. With its sleek designs, durable construction and undeniable cool factor, Nere is redefining airport style one chic piece of luggage at a time. In an industry where image is everything, having cool, super-elevated luggage is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. And that’s not to say practicality goes out the window; fashion people need sturdy, compact and functional travel accessories, too. Nere ticks every box.

Just one look at my Instagram feed and it becomes abundantly clear why this cult luggage brand has fast become the choice of style insiders everywhere. Our very own Who What Wear UK editor Rebecca Rhys-Evans is a big fan, along with influencers Emma Thatcher, Ellie Delphine and Lindsay Holland, all having recently taken their Nere luggage out for a stylish spin. Whether embarking on a country escape, taking a city break or navigating the chaos of fashion week, Nere was the travel brand. Take a look below at some of the ways they styled their Nere picks, and trust me: they’ll make you never want to travel without your own.

Influencer Emma Thatcher with a Lime Green Stori suitcase from Nere

Style Notes: Influencer Emma Thatcher and her daughter were spotted embarking on a picturesque country escape. Traversing the English countryside for a little staycation, Thatcher pulls along her Lime Green Stori Suitcase, which is the perfect size for a weekend away. Wearing classic denim jeans with a grey jumper, leather coat and chunky boots, she lets her statement-making luggage do the talking. Speaking of stylish getaways, Nere was also the shining star at our Festive House event back in November—a gathering filled with fashion, fun and fabulous luggage.

Elle Dephine with a lime green Nere Stori 65cm Suitcase

Style Notes: For Paris-based influencer Ellie Delphine, every trip is an opportunity to showcase her impeccable sense of style. As the ultimate embodiment of the French-girl aesthetic, she proves that her style knows no bounds, even at 30,000 feet. Whether you’re planning a city break to Paris or elsewhere, take a cue from Delphine and elevate your travel look with a tonal green ensemble, complete with a statement neon piece from Nere.

Who What Wear UK editor Rebecca Rhys-Evans with Nere luggage

Style Notes: As a Who What Wear UK editor, Rebecca Rhys-Evans knows a thing or two about staying stylish on the go, especially during fashion week. She opted for her trusty Nere Wonda carry-on as her travel companion for Copenhagen Fashion Week earlier this month. As many of us know all too well, capturing content is key (did you even go to fashion week if you didn’t get the shots?), and as such, she always likes to carry a bag that allows her to be hands-free. “I drink about four coffees a day and always have my phone in hand, so a bag I can wear across my body is always my first choice. Also, I love the sporty edge a bumbag can add,” she says. Looking to the Seeker collection for its black bumbag and cream crossbody Camera Bag with a thick strap, Rebecca is always ready to tackle the fashion week frenzy.

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