41 Best Designer Finds For Spring From MyTheresa

41 Best Designer Finds For Spring From MyTheresa 7

a collage of spring fashion finds from MyTheresa

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Let me pose a hypothetical situation: suddenly, you come into money. What do you do? Some people might decide to pay off student debt, put a lump sum away for retirement, buy a home, invest in stocks, or even donate to charities. However, everyone isn’t that pragmatic (myself included). Yes, I understand that there are sensible matters one must attend to should one’s fortunes change, but that wouldn’t tamper the onset of delusion, for me, at least. If I won the lottery, I’d go beyond paying bills; I’d be spending them. The only rational thing I might do in this entirely made-up plot is not telling anyone I came into money so that none of my relationships change. The only visible indication of my imaginary jackpot winnings would be sudden vacations and an influx of designer clothing.

The latter would likely be the greatest tell-tale sign that I’ve won the lottery, although I have a strategy to keep it a secret for as long as possible: embrace quiet luxury. There’s no way you’d catch me wearing head-to-toe logos because that says, “rob me, I’m rich now.” Instead, I’d be practical by investing in elevated staples and a few statement items for fun. Additionally, I wouldn’t make the rookie mistake of rolling up to luxury retailers to shop in person; I’d be discreet by shopping online—specifically at Mytheresa. The retailer offers the best curation of designer items, making it the place to shop for my imaginary post-lottery shopping spree. But you don’t just have to take my word for it, as I’ve rounded up the 41 best spring fashion finds from Mytheresa. Consider this your chance to indulge in the fantasy that we’re both rolling in cash.

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