5 Designer Bags That Are Emerging as the Best Investments

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It’s no secret that Hermès reigns supreme when it comes to designer investment bags, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other brands people are clamoring for. The RealReal just released its annual Luxury Resale Report, which harnassed data from thousands and thousands of purchases on its site to identify trending items, teaching us a lot about what people are buying.

The report included several different categories, but I zeroed in on the section labeled “Emerging Resale Value Stars.” These five bag styles were highlighted because they are retaining their value exceptionally well right now. In other words, the bags can be sold on the resale market for almost as much as the original price.

To be clear, these bags are not as expensive as Hermès Birkins, but I am looking specifically at the percentage that these bags can hold in value. For instance, the Jacquemus Le Chiquito can hold 89% of its value on the resale market, while Hermès bags are not too far ahead at 93%. Impressive, right? Scroll down to see the five emerging bags that are rising in value right now. 

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