6 French Skincare Products Women Over 50 Swear By

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French women age with grace, but it’s not thanks to cosmetic surgeons or because their skincare routines contain 15 high-tech products. Rather, French women over 50 are a little more relaxed about aging. Instead of trying to turn back the clock, they make a few strategic tweaks to their skincare routines and lifestyles so that by the time they reach their late 50s, 60s, and 70s, they look naturally beautiful but not fake.

“At 50 years old, a French woman knows that beauty is inside and outside,” explains our go-to French beauty insider, Marie-Laure Fournier, president of Fournier PR + Consulting. “Not only does she need to use the right products, but she needs also to have a very balanced lifestyle with good nutrition.” Translation: more hydrating, nourishing skincare ingredients (and more antioxidant-rich foods in slightly smaller portions).

So what are these key products French women over 50 swear by? We consulted Fournier to find out. Keep scrolling for six simple products that help French women age effortlessly.

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