6 NYC Style Tips From a Fashion Editor

6 NYC Style Tips From a Fashion Editor 7
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I have spent the majority of my life on the West Coast. I grew up in Arizona before moving to Los Angeles, so it’s safe to say that the West Coast mentality of living and dressing is deeply ingrained in me. I had always wanted to experience life on the other coast—NYC specifically—so a few years ago, I uprooted my life in L.A. and relocated to New York. Over the course of my two-plus years living in the Empire State, I learned some important style lessons that only being in Manhattan can teach you.

I definitely made some mistakes along the way that have since served as important style lessons. My first winter, I wore a coat that wasn’t nearly warm enough. It wasn’t until I borrowed a properly insulated coat that I realized what a big mistake I had made. I’d also brought the wrong shoes when I moved to the city. I loved the idea of wearing stylish heels (à la Carrie Bradshaw) but quickly learned that commuting on the subway and walking stretches of city blocks made them impractical for everyday use. Ahead, I’m sharing these and my other learnings from my two years living in NYC, including the fashion mistakes I’ll never make again.

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