7 Basic Clothing Mistakes That Actually Look So Chic

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Before we dive in, let’s all just take a moment to remember that there’s really no such thing as an outfit “mistake.” You should always wear whatever you love, no matter what the peanut gallery may think. To that, fashion people in particular are the first to abolish any age-old fashion tropes. As style leaders, this set is quite frankly not interested in being told how to wear something—especially when it comes to basic items.

That’s right: As we clocked some of the freshest outfits throughout fashion month, we realized that insiders continuously styled simple items “incorrectly.” To show you what we mean, we rounded up seven ways fashion people “flub” the styling of standard pieces. As many of the items in question are things we all own, you may just be inspired to test out one of these forward-feeling styling tricks this fall. And don’t worry, if you need to refresh the basics in question, we also shopped out the coolest iterations of each below.

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