7 Fashion Trends Everyone Will Be Buying in 2020

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As we finally prepare to wrap up the year, it is always fun to take time to get a little nostalgic about the trends that have come and gone. If you are a hyper-obsessed fashion follower, you have probably already retired some of this year’s most popular trends and have begun investing in all the biggest style predictions for 2020. However, the reality is that most of the world, and most of the world’s shoppers, aren’t paying as much attention as we are to the latest and greatest styles. Someone like you, a loyal Who What Wear reader, sees a trend come down the runway and instantly beings your search for said It item while the rest of the world needs about a year to really let the trend saturate the market enough for them to feel comfortable buying into it; the following list of trends is proof of that exact sentiment. 

To give a little more context, we recently had the opportunity to tap Alison Stiefel, general manager of ShopStyle, for some insider data surrounding some of the most searched-for trends on its site. In case you aren’t familiar, ShopStyle is a website that allows you to search a term like “ankle boots” and you will be greeted with a curation of the best ankle boots on the market. Naturally, ShopStyle has access to what people all over the world are searching for at all times. Consider it the shopping version of Google.

Curious to know what is in store for 2020, I asked Alison to fill us in on which 2019 trends people will still be shopping for next year according to the site’s data.“We’re going to see that 2020 is the year of the revival trends. Many of the top trends showcase a nod to the ’80s but with a contemporary twist,” says Stiefel. None of the trends ahead are going to be new to you by any means, but the numbers don’t lie—these seven trends will still be worn by shoppers all over the world come 2020, just wait and see. 

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