7 Hair Products for Curly Hair

7 Hair Products for Curly Hair 7

Shopping for haircare products isn’t like shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup. It’s not about what looks good on you but which products are good for you and your hair. I’ve spent years curating a social media feed full of curly-haired influencers whose hair type and porosity are similar to mine and who test products regularly. No matter how much my feed changes, these content creators always trust one tried and true brand: Aveda. This plant-powered, high-performance haircare brand has remained a staple in wash-day routines and everyday styling for years. Oh, did I mention that its products are vegan?

Aveda’s be curly advanced™ line is specifically catered toward coils, curls, and waves and is designed to give your hair new life with frizz protection, hydration, strength, shine, and definition. My curls were deeply in need of all of the above, so of course, this entire line is sitting pretty on my bathroom counter right now. The be curly advanced™ collection consists of seven silicone-free formulas that cleanse, condition, prime, and style textured hair. What more can I ask for? If you’re embarking on a hair journey this year, keep scrolling to see why this line is my go-to.

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