7 Moments That Highlight Why Yung Miami Is THAT Girl

7 Moments That Highlight Why Yung Miami Is THAT Girl 7

February 11 marks the day that Caresha Brownlee—aka Yung Miami—was born, and we’re here to honor this Florida icon by giving a shoutout to some of her most noteworthy moments!

From the earliest City Girls days to her antics on Caresha Please and beyond, here are 7 standout moments from Yung Miami’s career.

Rising To Success With City Girls

Of course, as Yung Miami flew onto fans’ radars through being one-half of City Girls, we have to start there. She and JT’s first track together, “F**k Dat N***a,” instantly took off and caught the attention of Quality Control Music.

This Florida-bred duo’s debut album, Period, followed shortly thereafter, and it was an INSTANT vibe among the gworls. Later that same year, Girl Code was released, which spawned beloved hits like “Act Up” and “Twerk.”

So, Yung Miami certainly hit the ground running with her and JT’s rap career, and it looks like the hard work certainly paid off! Additionally, it brought it a whole wave of people embracing the “Period!” mantra while proudly identifying as “city girls” and “city boys.”

Holdin’ It Down While JT Was Incarcerated

Shortly after City Girls started to blow up, however, JT had to serve nearly two years in prison on identity fraud charges.

In spite of this major road bump, Yung Miami was determined to keep the momentum going. From recording a lit video for “Act Up” to providing features for artists like Quavo, Saweetie, Juicy J, and Lloyd, Yung Miami held it down and kept City Girls in the conversation.

We should also note that the credits for these features were all under “City Girls” despite JT temporarily being M.I.A.

So, although City Girls continued to churn out hits after JT’s release, Yung Miami worked hard to make sure that the success never stopped! And that‘s on PERIOD!

Sharing A Hilarious Friendship With Saucy Santana

We also have to throw out that Yung Miami’s close friendship with Saucy Santana is one for the ages, as these stars aren’t afraid to ruthlessly shade each other in good fun.

Effortlessly Entertaining Fans With Her Online Antics

While her friendship with Saucy Santana keeps fans chuckling, Yung Miami can do bad all by herself, as she effortlessly stays bringin’ the humor.

Servin’ A Memorable Roaches Line During Her Solo Debut

Speaking of Yung Miami’s humor, it spilled into a very memorable line featured at the end of “Rap Freaks,” her solo debut.

Specifically, she instructed her boo Diddy to “put it in [his] face like them roaches” before saying that she’ll “put [his] rich a** to sleep, buenas noches.” This was notably a clever reference to a story Diddy previously shared regarding waking up with a face full of cockroaches at one point during his pre-fame days.

We should also point out that Yung Miami’s decision to rhyme “roaches” with “buenas noches” had Megan Thee Stallion hysterically laughing on Instagram Live.

 Working To Become ‘The Black Oprah’ Through Caresha Please

In mid-2022, Yung Miami embarked on a new venture with her Caresha Please podcast. The show swiftly took off with plenty of hype from viewers, and this was furthered by Yung Miami proclaiming, “I want to be the Black Oprah,” as The Shade Room previously reported.

Although Caresha Please is still under a year old, it’s already provided numerous moments that are loved by fans. Check out just a couple of our favorite moments down below.

Getting Her Acting Career Goin’ With You People

Finally, we have to give Yung Miami her props for securing a role in You People. As a result, she got to star alongside seasoned actors like Eddie Murphy, Nia Long, Lauren London, and Jonah Hill star in the Kenya Barris production, which premiered earlier this year.

We love to see Yung Miami diversifying her resume, and we can’t wait to see what other projects she pursues!

Shoutout to Yung Miami, and we wish her many more poppin’ birthday celebrations!

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