8 Stylish Outfits with Tall Boots

8 Stylish Outfits with Tall Boots 7
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It always amazes me when I spot a new trend on Instagram and it spreads across my feed in a matter of weeks, or even days. Such is the case with the latest styling trick I’ve been noticing across the fashion scene involving outfits with tall boots tucked into trousers. The look has been a fixture on the street style scene at fashion month and has quickly emerged as one of the micro-trends to know about.

The outfit stems from the strong suiting we’ve been seeing all over the runways and in the wardrobes of fashion insiders. But, instead of pairing pants with a simple heel or ankle boot, fashion girls have instead been wearing trousers tucked inside knee-high boots. The result is a stylish take on suiting that crosses the divide between corporate attire and a street style-ready look. Ahead, see how the fashion set is wearing the trend and shop pieces inspired by the look.

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