9 Shoe Styles We Never Buy From Zara

9 Shoe Styles We Never Buy From Zara 7
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We’ll preface this by saying that we often come across (and buy) Zara shoes that are so good it hurts, but as is the case with all brands, there are some things that Zara does better than others, including certain shoe styles (in our opinion). Now, don’t get us wrong; shoes are one of the categories that Zara excels at, but within that, specific styles and trends don’t measure up quite as well to other brands.

The thing is it’s hard to make certain shoe styles at as low of a cost as Zara sells them for. There’s no arguing with that. Certain styles are tricky to make comfortable versions of to begin with, so when lower-cost materials are being used, comfort can be sacrificed in addition to quality. While we certainly won’t stop buying Zara shoes in general anytime soon, we turn to other brands when seeking these nine styles but go right back to Zara when we’re in need of something like strappy sandals or mules, both of which the brand does exceptionally well. 

Curious and seeking some shoe-brand shopping advice? Scroll for the nine shoe styles we avoid buying from Zara, shop the nine brands we buy them from instead, and scroll all the way to the end to shop a few shoes we would buy from Zara.

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