9 Ways Celebrities Are Wearing Straight-Leg Jeans

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While celebrities step out in a variety of denim silhouettes in their day-to-day, there’s one cut the majority seem to have in their arsenals. Yes, I’m talking about straight-leg jeans. Honestly, it really shouldn’t come as much of a shock that A-listers from Hailey Bieber to Jennifer Lopez to Katie Holmes wear this specific style on the regular. After all, it’s the one jean trend that’s timeless yet modern, with the ability to work seamlessly within a range of wardrobes (no matter your style).

Interestingly enough, shoppers en masse also seem to adore straight-leg jeans; the style just so happens to be one of the trending denim silhouettes at Nordstrom. How do we know? Well, aside from being literally a trend, straight-leg jeans are also trending in that hundreds of people are currently viewing the vast assortment online. Yep, if you click on any given product, you can find a line highlighted in red that showcases how many shoppers are checking out an item at any given time. And celeb-inspired straight-leg jeans, in particular, seem to have some of the highest viewership in the denim category.

To showcase the style further, we rounded up nine of our favorite celeb outfits featuring this must-have denim silhouette and shopped out inspired “trending” jean picks available at Nordstrom as well.

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