90 Day Fiancé’s Ashley Martson Files for Divorce From Jay Smith Again

90 Day Fiancé's Ashley Martson Files for Divorce From Jay Smith Again 7
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Ashley Martson is ready to call it quits once again.

E! News can confirm the 90 Day Fiancé star filed for divorce from Jay Smith for the second time.

According to a Pennsylvania court, Ashley filed to end her marriage earlier this week. The bride herself also appeared to confirm the news when she posted a headline about the divorce on her Instagram Stories.

She also shared a cryptic social media post on Wednesday that had some fans questioning her relationship status.

“Behind every strong woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn to get back up, fix the broken pieces, and never depend on anyone,” Ashley wrote to her followers. “#bossbabe #fixyourcrownqueen #womansupportingwomen.”

The news comes just days before Ashley and Jay will appear on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. 

TLC cameras will roll as the couple tries to rebuild trust issues amid Ashley’s health battle with lupus. 

Ashley Martson, 90 Day Fiance


Ultimately, the couple has experienced many highs and lows in their relationship since first appearing on season six of 90 Day Fiancé.

E! News confirmed that Ashley filed papers to end her marriage on January 11 after eight months. But one day later, Ashley withdrew the paperwork, according to a Pennsylvania court.

“I may have hurt you. I may have not been a good husband. Jumping on a plane the second I found out you was in the hospital was something I didn’t even think twice to do,” Jay wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “We have our differences but as long as I have life I will never let you sit alone and suffer. I love you and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for having me here to support you.”

For those wondering what Ashley is up to after filing for divorce, social media shows the reality star heading to New York City.

She is expected to attend a launch event for MĀSK, which is described as the world’s first CBD skincare line. To see where more couples from the franchise stand today, take a look at our status gallery below. 

Russ, Paola, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Russ, who hails from Oklahoma, met Paola while he was working in Colombia. They married, and she moved to Oklahoma, but eventually relocated to Miami for modeling work. Russ later joined Pao in the Sunshine State and the couple continued to have cameras follow them for the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff series. On the spinoff, Paola revealed she had a miscarriage, but in the 2018 reunion special the couple revealed they were expecting again.

“We are making big changes and realigning our goals as we prepare for the birth of our son,” the couple exclusively told E! News in a statement ahead of the birth of their baby. “We are focused on bringing our son into a calm and loving environment while putting aside our differences and problems from the past. This pregnancy has brought us closer together and we are doing our best to remove any negativity whether that be people or situations. We are grateful that God has given us another chance and are anxious at this point of the pregnancy as we are more than ready to meet our baby boy!”

They welcomed son Axel in early January.

Alan, Kirlyam, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Alan, who is from Los Angeles, met  Kirlyam while on a Mormon mission in her hometown in Brazil. The couple married and are still together and have a son, Liam.

Luis, Aya, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
The couple met via an online dating service. Louis, who has two sons, is from Indiana and Aya the Philippines. In February 2018 they announced they were expecting their first child.

Mike, Aziza, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Mike, who is from Cleveland, and Russian Aziza met via a language website and are still married. In September 2018 they announced they were expecting their child.

Chelsea, Yamir, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Divorced
Chelsea, who is from Illinois, met Yamir, a member of a boy band, when she was volunteering in Nicaragua. The two married and moved in with her parents, but Yamir wanted to pursue his music career in Chicago. The two split in 2017. Yamir posted a tribute to his ex-wife on what would’ve been their anniversary in September 2017. “Although we no longer have the bond that united us, there’s no hate! I spoke with you a week ago to catch up and say hello, and you told me you were so happy, and that warmed my heart,” he wrote on Instagram.

Danielle, Mohamed, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Divorced
Danielle met Mohamed in an online chat room. The two got engaged and Mohamed moved to Ohio from Tunisia. The two had issues almost from the start, with aspects of their lives being kept from one another. They married, but Mohamed soon left. Danielle tried to annul the wedding, but eventually divorced him in 2017.

Justin, Evelin, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Californian Justin met Colombian Evelyn at the rugby match at the 2103 World Games in Colombia. They spent a week together before parting ways and Justin brought Evelyn to the United States for marriage.

Brett, Daya, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Brett, who lives in Washington, met Filipino Daya via online dating. The couple is still married and welcomed a daughter.

Jason, Cassia, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Divorcing
Jason and Cássia met through Facebook, this was while Cássia was in an online relationship with Jason’s friend. The two started dating after that relationship ended and Brazilian Cássia moved in with Jason and his father. They separated in 2017, filed for divorce in 2018, dismissed that file, but eventually filed once again.

Danny, Amy, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
The couple met in Australia during a bible study trip. The couple had a rough go of things when some of Danny’s family members didn’t accept Amy because she was black. The couple is still married and living in Texas with two children.

Mark, Nikki, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Mark and Nikki, who have an almost 40-year age difference, met via an online dating service. The couple had some friction on the show—Nikki is a year younger than Mark’s daughter—but seem to still be together.

Loren, Alexei, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Loren met Alexei while on a Birthright trip to Israel. Loren moved from New York to Florida in an effort to save money and Alexei joined her in the United States. The two married both in the Us and Israel and are still together.

90 Day Fiance, Kyle, Noon


Status: Married
These two met via Facebook while Kyle was researching a vacation. They met in Thailand, but only became engaged when Noon came to America. They married after and are still together.

Melanie, Devar, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Melanie was on vacation in Jamaica when she met Devar, the two got engaged during that trip. Initially, Melanie’s family was skeptical of Devar, but the two are still together and welcomed a child in 2017.

Fernando, Carolina, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Floridian Fernando met Carolina in Colombia while they were both on other dates. Her proposed before his trip wrapped up. They’ve had some bumps in the road, but are still together.

John, Aleksandra, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Josh met Aleksandra while on a Mormon mission in Prague. Aleksandra, previously a go-go dancer, converted to Mormonism. The two started dating in 2015 and Josh proposed when he visited her in Russia. They married in the United States after Aleksandra came over, and eventually welcomed a daughter.

Jorge, Anfisa, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Another couple who has been back in front of the 90 Day cameras more than once, these two met via Facebook. They’ve had many bumps in the road, but married, and then separated, then reconciled. Jorge was arrested and sentenced to prison for transporting close to 300 pounds of marijuana.

Narkyia, Olulowo, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
No shortage of drama here, these two met via online dating. They’re still together, despite having broken up once before when Olulowo lied about a past relationship.

Matt, Alla, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
This couple met via an online dating service, but lost contact when Matt married for the third time. They reconnected after that divorce and eventually marry, despite concerns from family members.

Chantel, Pedro, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married?
Chantel met Pedro while on a trip to the Dominican Republic and the two kept up dating after the initial meeting. Chantel initially lied to her family about Pedro’s citizenship, but the two married. The families immediately had friction and fought on both 90 Day and Happily Ever After?, including a physical altercation. E! News has learned the couple is still reeling from the Happily Ever After? fight and dealing with ongoing family issues.

Nicole, Azan, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Engaged?
These two have had some bumps in the road, to say the least. Nicole and Azan met via a dating app, and Nicole traveled to Morocco to meet Azan. The two have been on 90 Day Fiancé twice and in the spinoff 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Last time they were on screen, they were still together, not married, and Nicole was in Morocco, despite reports that they’d broken up.

Elizabeth, Andrei, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Elizabeth met Andrei, who is from Moldova, while visiting Dublin where Andrei worked as a bouncer. Andrei had friction with Elizabeth’s family, but the two eventually married are are expecting their first child.

“Married life is so rewarding. We are coming up on our one-year wedding anniversary and are so excited that we are expecting a baby girl! Being married is amazing and everything we thought it would be! Expecting a child and growing our family is a true blessing! We are currently awaiting Andrei’s permanent residency approval so we can travel back to Moldova to visit our family and get started on our Moldavian wedding plans! In the meantime, we are getting our little girl’s nursery in order and planning our baby shower! We cannot wait to be parents! We’re so happy to have the continuous love and support from our viewers and fans,” the couple told E! News.

David, Evelyn, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Evelyn met David via Facebook when she was 18 and he was 27. David found Evelyn’s band’s Facebook page. The religious couple got married in New Hampshire.

David, Annie, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
David, who is twice her age, met Annie while living in Thailand. His financial problems prevented him from sponsoring Annie in the United States and from paying the dowry, however they still got married (mostly thanks to David’s former friend). Life after marriage hasn’t been without drama, but the two have overcome obstacles, including losing their home in an old firehouse.

Josh, Aika, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Married
Drama for the couple involved Josh not being keen on reversing his vasectomy, but they did get married.

Molly, Luis, 90 Day Fiance, Where Are They Now

Status: Divorced
Molly met Luis when she was in the Dominican Republic on a vacation. The two got married in secret during the 90-day visa period, complicating their eventual breakup. The breakdown of their marriage was captured on Happily Ever After? and subsequent reunions. Luis remarried five months after his divorce from Molly.

“I am doing so very great. I am working out, losing weight, feeling great and helping women all over the world from my bra shop LiviRae Lingerie. I am not dating anyone because I really am focused on my kids, myself, and my business,” Molly told E! News. “As far as Luis and I, we’re divorced and he is remarried which leads me to believe he totally scammed me to get here on my money even though we were together for almost two years prior. People think I am jealous according to social media, but I really am not. I am more upset about the fact that someone would do this to a person who takes care of their kids by them self and is self-employed. I think it is really a devilish move to scam people like that where hearts and kids are involved. I do not wish ill will towards him because I want to continue to receive my blessings, but I do want the truth about the situation to prevail because I am a good person.”

90 Day Fiance


Status: Divorcing

Larissa, who is from Brazil, met Colt via social media. The duo met up in Mexico and Colt later proposed after just a number of days. Clark County Court records confirm that Colt and Larissa married on June 24. In November, Larissa was arrested for domestic battery. The couples remained together until early January 2019. After an altercation and another arrest, Colt filed for divorce.

90 Day Fiance


Status: Engaged

During his visit to Olga in Russia for the birth of their child, Steven revealed she never filed for Olga’s visa when he told her did. Steven explained he wanted to make sure they were compatible and spend more time together since their courtship in the United States was so short before Olga became pregnant. She forgave him.

90 Day Fiance


Status: Married

Kalani and Asuelu walked down the aisle during season six of 90 Day—with a secret. Kalani was pregnant with their second child when they wed.

90 Day Fiance


Status: Divorcing

Ashley caught Jay using a dating app three days after their wedding in Las Vegas. Their relationship status has been rocky since then, to say the least. During the reunion, Ashley spoke candidly about her feelings. “I mean, when someone cheats on you, you don’t automatically fall out of love with them. I know the smart thing to do is to leave him and that’s what I’d tell anybody in my shoes,” she said. “I really did—do—love him, but maybe he really did just want a green card,” she added. In April 2019, E! News confirmed through a Pennsylvania court that Ashley had filed for divorce again. 

90 Day Fiance


Status: Married

Eric and Leida tied the knot during season six of 90 Day, despite the repeated clashes between Leida and Eric’s children. During the reunion, Eric and daughter Tasha revealed they do not have a relationship at this point because of Leida.

90 Day Fiance, Jonathan Rivera, Fernanda Flores

Courtesy of TLC

Status: Separated

Jonathan and Fernanda started off as the couple who seemed like they were built to last. However, following the taping of the “Tell All,” the two separated. Jonathan confirmed the split on Instagram, but said he tried to make it work.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? premieres Sunday night at 8 p.m. on TLC. You can stream the season premiere online now.

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