A ‘BH90210’ Cast Member Is Getting Fired & Shannen Has A Sex Dream – Hollywood Life

A ‘BH90210’ Cast Member Is Getting Fired & Shannen Has A Sex Dream – Hollywood Life 7
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As the cast celebrated the wrap of their pilot episode, they nervously awaited news from the network. Plus, Shannen’s sex dream shook viewers to their core.

After just six weeks, the first season of BH90210 came to a close on Sept. 11. And with the show’s final hour came exciting reboot news, a number of splits, a few potential new romances, and the shocking discovery that one of the main cast members will be getting fired. As for who that will be, that won’t be revealed until the not-yet-renewed series returns for Season 2, but if Shannen Doherty‘s recent interviews are any indication, we’d put our money on it being her. As for the other shocking revelations that went down this week:

1. Jason Priestley and Jennie Garth are now both single and totally ready to mingle (with each other) after splitting with their respective partners. Jason’s wife Camille (Vanessa Lachey) gave him an out when she realized he’d never get over the fact that her baby isn’t his. And Jennie dumped her bodyguard boyfriend after he showed her a new tattoo that he had gotten — her initials, “JG”.

2. Meanwhile, Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green also toyed with the idea of getting together after experiencing their own relationship issues. Tori’s still dissatisfied with her husband’s laziness, and Brian got fed up with his wife Shay (La La Anthony), when she went behind his back and discovered that Zach isn’t really his son. (The boy may actually be Jason’s offspring.)

3. And speaking of parents and children, after realizing that Anna only wanted a “NSA” romance, Ian Ziering opened himself up to other dating options and hooked up with his former Beverly Hills 90210 co-star, Denise Richards (apparently, she once played Kelly Taylor’s cousin). But he later found out — way too late — that Denise is actually Anna’s mom. Yikes.

4. Shannen Doherty was also seen panicking about her future during this week’s finale. It all started after she read test audience reactions to the pilot, which then led to an awkward dream about Brandon and Brenda Walsh hooking up.

5. As for the reboot itself, Fox picked up the show instead of much cooler sounding reboot of The O.C. (Mischa Barton would come back from the dead), but as Christine revealed, it’ll come with a few conditions. She explained the changes by saying, “We are going to entirely reshoot the pilot, so there’s that. We are going to replace Anna because let’s face it — she was in way over her head. [We’ll have] an entirely new guest cast — I’m sorry, Jennie, maybe you can find something else for Kyler. And the network has no money, so we’re going to be shooting in Canada … And, we can’t afford to bring all seven of you back. But that’s a conversation for a different day, right?” And that jaw-dropping moment came after Shannen, Tori and Jennie had yet another fight about who was going to be the one to wear a red dress.

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