1. … Unless that particular religion actually espouses self-control, like is spoken about repeatedly in The Bible? In fact, the Bible is pretty particular about taking honest looks at the world around us, asking questions, and seeking truth openly and honestly.But I guess your talking about religion as being unhealthy is just more of you showing how much you don’t “look down on” believers as you spoke about above.

  2. Meh…Thank You! This is the first time I have ever seen a believer make a comment like that. Most Christians feel it is their duty to make a statement of their religion and try to convert others…The Great Commission…as I have heard it preached, and the rest of the world just has to accept that they are doing this out of whatever sense of duty or love or whatever reason they give for it. Yet if one persons makes a statement of disbelief they are called offensive and rude and sometimes even persecuted simply because they don’t believe in what someone else claims to have faith in. I wish more believers could be as open minded. As an atheist, I am nervous discussing my non-faith even with people I know because of the reactions I receive from believers.

  3. Chris contends that god is imaginary you contend he is not. I contend that we are guided be invisible unicorns. So I say to you prove that god is real. If you can’t or won’t then don’t question Chris or the unicorn.

  4. “God” is a great many things to a great many people. If you believe in only your god and not in others, then you also believe that all of those other gods are imaginary and are then guilty of hypocrisy.

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