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Aidan & Carrie Are Back Together In Episode 8 – Hollywood Life 7
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Sarah Jessica Parker

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Carrie and Aidan are in the midst of relationship bliss when the August 3 episode of And Just Like That begins. They’re embracing the throes of their rekindled romance… in a hotel room. Aidan has yet to step foot back into Carrie’s apartment.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett as Carrie and Aidan. (Max)

Aidan opens up about his 1860s farmhouse — and his chickens — in Virginia. “It sounds amazing,” Carrie shockingly says. Everyone remembers her trip to the Suffern country house, right?  Well, things have changed in 20 years. Carrie wants to go to Aidan’s farmhouse. “I’d like you to meet my boys,” Aidan says. Carrie wants to meet them, too.

At lunch with Seema, Miranda, and Charlotte, Carrie reveals she might go down to Virginia to visit Aidan’s farmhouse. Miranda is surprised that Carrie’s already talking about commuting for Aidan. “If it feels right why slow it down?” Carrie asks. She tells the group that she and Aidan want to take everyone to dinner.

During a solo walk with Carrie, Miranda thinks Carrie should take a beat when it comes to Aidan. Carrie responds, “Aidan and I aren’t in the past. I’m very much in the present.” She reveals she’s been having lots of orgasms with Aidan. She’s beginning to wonder if she could never fully go there with Aidan when Big was around. “Was Big a big mistake?” Carrie asks. A shocked Miranda says, “I still don’t know what to say.”

Charlotte announces to Lily and Rock that she’s taking a full-time job at an art gallery, which means she won’t be around all the time. They’re stoked she’s going to be busy doing other things now. Charlotte orders Harry to pick up the slack.

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis as Charlotte. (Max)

Miranda moves up the totem pole very quickly at her Human Rights Watch internship because of her decades of experience. This means she doesn’t get off on the best footing with the young interns.

Carrie has a new way Che can make money off their apartment. She asks Che if she can rent the place when Aidan’s in town. Carrie will pay them, and Che can stay at her apartment. When Carrie and Aidan arrive at Che’s apartment, Aidan notices that there’s nothing in the kitchen. They go shopping like they’re just moving in together for the first time. The honeymoon phase is in full swing!

After several weeks, Che gets a call from her apartment’s management about Carrie and Aidan. Che witnesses Carrie and Aidan up close and personal. They wonder why Carrie and Aidan didn’t work out the first time. “Because I made a mistake,” Carrie admits. Carrie and Aidan share an intimate hug.

Giuseppe is sticking around long after Anthony thought he would. Anthony decides to push Giuseppe away so he doesn’t cross any lines. Giuseppe wants to explore whatever is going on between him and Anthony, so he kisses Anthony and then immediately quits his Hot Fellas gig.

Seema’s co-worker tries to set her up with this hotshot Marvel actor Ravi who is looking for a high-end rental. Seema becomes very intrigued. When they’re both at a salon, Seema tries to go unnoticed by Carrie. However, Carrie ends up spotting Seema walking away. She asks about the Aidan dinner, and Seema brings up the Hamptons house. She doesn’t want to be the third wheel with Carrie and Aidan all summer. Carrie swears it wouldn’t be like that, but Seema knows that Carrie can’t make a promise like that. “I need a little space right now,” Seema tells Carrie. Carrie doesn’t want to lose her dear friend and pleads with Seema to not pull away.

Charlotte becomes obsessed with losing weight ahead of her new gig as a “gallerina.” When she arrives at the gallery, she realizes there’s nothing to worry about. Charlotte puts on the cinched belt she was worried about once she feels comfortable and confident.

And Just lIke That
Charlotte, Aidan, Carrie, and Miranda in ‘And Just Like That’ season 2. (Max)

Miranda’s mentor at the internship asks Miranda to take over her position while she’s on maternity leave. Miranda is initially hesitant because of her privilege. Her mentor tells Miranda to not worry about the interns. She’s the best woman for the job.

In the end, Seema shows up for dinner with Aidan, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. Carrie takes a big step in her relationship with Aidan: she goes to Aidan’s farm. It’s truly a “new beginning” for them both.

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