Altercation Between Quavo & Saweetie Caught On Elevator Video

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Quavo and Saweetie recently called it quits on their three year relationship, and while details of their split have been scarce, the two did have a spicy exchange on social media that had everybody talking just a few weeks back. Once again the two have made headlines as footage of a previous altercation between them has surfaced online.

TMZ obtained surveillance footage from an elevator at an apartment complex, which shows both Saweetie and Quavo engaging in some sort of altercation. Sources close to the situation told TMZ the incident happened at an apartment building where Saweetie was living in 2020.

At the start of the video, the two are standing outside of an open elevator, when Saweetie seemingly takes a swing at Quavo. Saweetie then grabs an orange case from the elevator and tries to exit, and Quavo seemingly grabs her arm, swinging her into the elevator.

For the duration of the video, Saweetie remains seated on the floor and when the elevator eventually stops, Quavo grabbed the orange case and exited with Saweetie following right behind.

Saweetie announced that she was single just a few weeks ago, and social media went crazy when she hit Quavo with the line “take care”. The two have not spoken publicly about their breakup since then, but have been pretty active online as the Migos prepare for their next album and Saweetie is staying booked and busy!

To view the full video of the elevator altercation, head over to, Roomies!

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