Amanda Knox’s Slander Conviction Upheld in Kercher Murder Case

Amanda Knox’s Slander Conviction Upheld in Kercher Murder Case 7

Amanda Knox‘s legal journey has reached a new verdict.

Nearly 17 years after Knox was first accused of her roommate Meredith Kercher‘s murder in 2007—of which she was convicted and later acquitted—on June 5 an Italian court has upheld her 2009 conviction of slander against Patrick Lumumba, who Knox falsely accused of the murder while under intense interrogation.

With her new conviction, the 36-year-old has been sentenced to three years imprisonment—none of which she will serve as she already served the length of the original slander conviction’s sentencing during her four years in detention following her wrongful conviction of Kercher’s murder. 

According to NBC News, while outside the courthouse in Florence, Italy, Knox’s lawyer told the outlet he was “very surprised at the outcome of the decision and Amanda is very upset.”

E! News has reached out to Knox’s legal team for comment but has not yet heard back. 

The Seattle native accused Lumumba—a local bar owner for whom she’d been working part-time upon moving to Italy—of Kercher’s murder during an interrogation in 2007, which led to his arrest and an incarceration period of two weeks. 

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