An Honest Review of Sebacia, the Acne-Clearing Treatment

An Honest Review of Sebacia, the Acne-Clearing Treatment 7

As Herrmann explained to me and as you can read on the Moy, Fincher, Chipps website, one of the reasons Sebacia is so exciting is that it’s truly the most game-changing acne breakthrough in nearly 20 years. It only just received FDA clearance in the U.S., and Moy, Fincher, Chipps is actually one of the first centers in the entire country to add it to its roster of dermatologic services. For context, I asked Herrmann to explain what the most common solutions were to treat acne (and any issues they presented) pre-Sebacia.

“The treatment plan greatly depends on the type of acne a person has,” she begins. “Hormonal acne is often treated with birth control pills and/or spironolactone, but many women experience bloating or mood swings on birth control and spironolactone, especially at higher doses, can cause breast tenderness, irregular menses, or dehydration. Plus, neither of these medicines is appropriate if you’re pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.  

“For mild acne, we often use a combination of topical cream or gel medications, which can cause excess dryness, redness, or irritation. For more moderate acne, in addition to topicals, we often add oral antibiotics. While the aim is to kill the bacteria implicated in acne, they indiscriminately kill all bacteria, including good varieties on our skin and in our guts, which can lead to increased inflammation and potential antibiotic resistance if taken longterm.”

Last but not least, Herrmann brings up isotretinoin (previously known as Accutane), which is often prescribed to treat severe acne cases. While it’s typically very effective, it has multiple potential side effects, including elevated cholesterol, stress on the liver, mood changes, birth defects, and significant skin dryness and irritation.

Sebacia, on the other hand, is completely different. While it’s similar to Accutane in the way in which it targets the oil gland to limit oil production, it’s a topical (versus oral/internal) treatment executed at your dermatologist’s office three different times over the course of two to three weeks. It’s comfortable despite some mild zapping from a laser (don’t worry—I’ll get to that part in a second), and best of all, there is no downtime or reported side effects.

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