Angelina Pivarnick Talks Kids After Chris Divorce – Hollywood Life

Angelina Pivarnick Talks Kids After Chris Divorce – Hollywood Life 7
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Deena Cortese got some major tea from Angelina Pivarnick on the June 30 episode of Jersey Shore. After Angelina returned from her Mexico New Year’s trip with All Star Shore castmate, Luis Caballero, she met up with Deena to explain what was going on. At the time of the trip, Angelina was ready to end her marriage to Chris Larangeira, and when he didn’t make any New Year’s plans for them, she decided to go away with Luis instead.

Angelina admitted to sleeping in bed with Luis while filming All Star Shore at the end of 2021. When she left to film, she was on bad terms with Chris, who told her that he hoped she “died in a plane crash” before she left for Spain. She insisted that she didn’t do anything more than cuddle with the Acapulco Shore cast member. Deena flat out asked Angelina whether she hooked up with Luis in Mexico, too, and she denied it.

angelina pivranick
Angelina Pivarnick on the red carpet.(Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

However, when Luis FaceTimed Angelina right in the middle of the conversation, there was a different story to tell. “Did you and Angelina ever have sex?” Deena asked, to which Luis replied, “It’s not called sex, it’s called making love.” Angelina could not stop giggling as she realized her secret had been spilled. “I freaking knew it!” Deena said. “She had sex with Luis and she lied to me about it!”

Unfortunately, the high from her fling with Luis didn’t last. Just weeks later, things fizzled out. “I’m a tough girl, but I have to start learning from an early stage that if I see a red flag, I have to be out,” Angelina admitted. “Believe what someone’s showing you because that’s who they are. I’m just going to take the out. We moved very fast — a little too fast. But I didn’t really have any expectations. He’s like six years younger than me. I think I need a real man at this point.”

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino paid Angelina a visit so he could talk some things out with her. It was during this talk that she got emotional over her future. “I’m just not at a good place in my life right now,” Angelina said in a confessional. “I wanted that white picket fence, kids running around the yard while the dad throws the baseball. I’m 35, going to be 36. My marriage is done. I’m not with Luis. It’s my body against time. I might never have a child, which sucks.”


Angelina began to cry as she shared her fears with Mike, who comforted her. “I think about this in my mind every time I think about kids,” she explained. “Everyone’s like, ‘When are you gonna have a kid?’ I just thought I was going to be a mother by now. My age is literally what’s against me right now. I have to start all over again.” Amidst these fears, Angelina was also dealing with Chris popping up on social media and writing hateful things about her.

Mike urged her to focus on getting back to loving herself again, rather than worrying about the drama. However, based on previews for next week’s episode, it won’t be so easy! The footage shows Angelina sobbing after finding out that Chris claimed that she was the one who leaked audio of JWoww, Snooki and Deena’s speech at her wedding in 2019. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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