Anna Wintour Reveals the #1 Item for Staying Stylish in Hot

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We get it. You’re hot, you’re sweaty, and you’re just trying to get through the day without your makeup melting off. Maybe looking stylish isn’t really at the top of your mind right now—and we don’t blame you. But thanks to a question on Vogue‘s “Go Ask Anna” video series, we know the simple essential that Anna Wintour approves of for staying chic on the sweatiest of summer days: sleeveless dresses. How could it be any easier than that? 

In the video, Wintour was also asked if she ever wears sweatpants, to which she simply answered a firm no. Wintour also confessed that one thing, in particular, has ruined her love of shopping: fans thrusting their phones in her face asking for selfies. “Shopping, which is something I used to love, has been slightly ruined for me by people wanting to take selfies,” she says in the video. It’s certainly understandable, but we’re not sure we’d be able to resist the urge either. Scroll down to watch the full video, including her thoughts on Cardi B’s style and the fashion question Emily Ratajkowski asked her. Plus, shop Wintour-worthy sleeveless dresses. 

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