Ariana Grande & Big Sean Back Together | Hollywoodlife

Ariana Grande & Big Sean Back Together | Hollywoodlife 7
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Ariana Grande & Big Sean are seen back together in LA. Lady Gaga responds to Bradley Cooper romance rumors. Selena Gomez & J Balvin release music …

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  1. she hung out with graham and ricky not too long ago as well, does that mean she’s dating them? no it doesn’t. jesus christ… y’all really just need to give ari a break from all these stupid dating rumors.

  2. Ariana needs to get herself together like she made thank you next and brake up with your girlfriend I’m board about self love and to focus on herself and right now she is not doing that she keeps dating men I feel like how she is just desperate

  3. Okay but uhhhh just because you're straight doesnt mean you can't support the LGBT community… I mean I think we have all seen the meme "I support animal rights, but do I look like an alpaca?"

  4. I really hope Ari and Sean isn't true. I really can't see them getting back together, and Ari did say she didn't want to date for a while. But they would be pretty iconic if they worked together again and we're good friends

  5. Addressing the part about Ariana:
    1. So if I’m friends with someone who is gay and I support them but I’m not gay myself am I not allowed to be friends with that person? Be happy and positive that she is willing to support it because there are plenty of people who hate on it enough!
    2. Ariana has REPEATEDLY said that her and Big Sean are only friends even after this car incident so can we drop that please? I would like them to get back together as much as the next Arianator but she’s still working through some things (clearly expressed through her latest album) and she needs time.

  6. Why are people so mad that ariana is doing something in the LGBT community?? like sorry that shes trying to stand up for you? people should be happy about this not unhappy because shes a straight person trying to change people with the same perspective that love is love. the fact that shes not in it is awesome which means that people are becoming more excepting and some people think thats bad? 😐





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