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Ariana Madix Reacts To Tom Sandoval Defending Raquel – Hollywood Life 7

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At the start of the March 22 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Raquel Leviss and Charli Burnett crashed “guys night” at The Mondrian. They left Lake Havasu early after Lala Kent, Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly made them feel uncomfortable, and most of the guys seemed happy to see them upon their return to LA. Especially Tom Sandoval, who may or may not have had a heads up about them stopping by. He smiled upon seeing Raquel, but it’s not clear whether or not their relationship had started yet. James Kennedy, on the other hand, wasn’t thrilled to see his ex. “What happened to guys night?” he asked, as he texted his girlfriend, Ally Lewber, and told her Raquel had showed up unexpectedly. She told him to “leave”, so that’s what he did.

Raquel told the guys that she stood up to Lala and called her a “mistress” and they all applauded her. But back in Lake Havasu, Lala couldn’t care less about Raquel. Instead, she focused her attention on having sex with a random guy she met at a bar. Lala later told Katie and Kristina that her bed was so “wet” after their hookup that she had a hard time sleeping in it. The ladies also said that they had a much better time in Lake Havasu once Raquel and Charli left.

Later, Katie and Scheana Shay clashed over a hotel room snafu. Katie was already disinvited to the wedding, but since she had previously paid for her hotel room in Mexico and couldn’t get a refund, she still planned on going to the resort. However, Scheana learned that one of her bridesmaids couldn’t get a room because the resort was fully booked, so Scheana offered to give Katie her refund in exchange for the room, but Katie said no. She said she and Kristina wanted to take advantage of the room and enjoy a vacation together. Scheana begged her not to go since she didn’t want bad energy at her wedding, but Katie wouldn’t budge. And what made matters worse was the fact that Tom Schwartz sided with Scheana and even joked about telling Katie he wanted her back, so she’d give up her room. This actually happened at a pool party thrown by Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, and things got so tense that Katie stormed off crying in the end.

But speaking of the pool party, Raquel used the event as an opportunity to finally confront Lala for sleeping with James, and it did not go well. We’re guessing she got a boost of confidence from the guys during their night out at The Mondrian, and wanted to go at Lala again to show them how well she stands up for herself. Lala said Raquel is “weak” and Raquel called her “pathetic”. Ariana urged them to work things out, but Katie said Raquel “needs to get her head checked.” Tom then interjected and started going after Katie to defend Raquel, but Ariana didn’t like that. She walked away, turned around and yelled, “Tom, I’m walking away because I’m not doing a Tom against the girls thing.” 

“We’re not doing that today?” James asked, as Tom threw his hands up in the air.

Raquel eventually joined the conversation, but she struggled to say anything. Lala condescendingly told her to take a breath and “put a thought together”, and Tom begged her to “stop” going after Raquel. “Will you stop? I can’t unsee the f***ing bully that you were to her for no reason. For no reason!”

Raquel then made it clear that she’s still upset with Lala for sleeping with James while they were dating. James and Lala both said they’ve “moved on” from it, so she should stop talking about it, but Tom reminded them that she hasn’t “moved on” from it just yet. “She just got this information two weeks ago,” he said.

In the end, Raquel called Lala a “bully”, a “mistress” and a “bimbo” before storming off.

Want more drama? New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Wednesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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