Bags & Basketball! Angel Reese Secures Reebok Partnership

Bags & Basketball! Angel Reese Secures Reebok Partnership 7

LSU basketball star Angel Reese has officially secured an endorsement deal with Reebok. Notably, this feat makes Angel the first athlete to partner with the brand since Shaquille O’Neal became its President of Basketball last week.

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Angel Reese Shared The News Through A Series Of Instagram Posts

On Tuesday (Oct. 17), Angel Reese shared the news through a collaborative Instagram post with Reebok.

The brief video features the 21-year-old getting dolled up, and it builds up to a shot of her donning layered necklaces — the top reading “Reebok” and the bottom reading “Reese.”

In another post, Angel Reese wears her “hand-picked Reebok uniform,” effortlessly serving in a black and white get-up while keeping it casual. She accompanied this look with some icy jewelry pieces, stuntin’ while showing off her Reebok.

Shaq Says Angel Reese Is The Best In The Game Right Now: “There Is No One Making A Bigger Impact”

To commemorate the brand-new partnership, Reebok shared a Q&A with Angel. Notably, she acknowledged that the deal kicked off via a meaningful conversation with Shaq.

“It started off by talking to Shaq and understanding the values that align with the brand.”

Angel went on to note that she considers Shaq’s post-NBA moves to be “inspirational,” and she’d “love” to make similar accomplishments in the future.

“As a former athlete, now that he’s just been announced as their President of Basketball that is inspirational to me, just being able to see an athlete or former athlete shift from not just being an athlete, but being the President of the brand is something that’s important. I would love to do that one day.”

As for her experience chatting it up with Shaq, Angel Reese said he’s been “super supportive.”

“It feels great, Shaq is so much fun! I love him, and he’s been super supportive to me and everything I’ve done. Even if I didn’t work with Reebok he’d still support me, and our relationship has always been amazing. Everything is just so much fun.”

Of course, she pointed out, “What player wouldn’t want feedback from one of the best bigs of all time!?”

Regarding what Shaq had to say about the decision, the NBA legend noted that he knew he had to bring her on board for his “first appointment in this role” at Reebok.

“For my first appointment in this role, it had to be the GOAT. There is no one making a bigger impact on the game right now than Angel Reese.”

He also added, “I’m proud to welcome Angel into the Reebok family and can’t wait to see how she will bring the brand’s legacy to the next generation.”

Shoutout to Angel Reese for securing her Reebok partnership!

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