Bella Thorne Blasts Tana Mongeau After Being Caught With Ex Mod Sun

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Bella Thorne slams Tana Mongeau after she’s spotted with Mod Sun. Plus – Alissa Violet breaks her silence on her split with Faze Banks. #BellaThorne …
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  1. Looking through the comments, we don't disagree about Tana & Mod being friends. However saying Bella saying she broke 'girl code' after those pics surfaced is pretty odd. What are your thoughts on this feud?

  2. So this is my opinion Tana was friends with modsun before Bella and Tana broke up, also Tana and modsun were hanging out WITH JAKE sooo Bella’s just over reacting and trying to start drama that isn’t there, oop-

  3. If one of my best friends went out with my ex not even seeing him in public specifically going exclusively with him somewhere no matter if there’s one two or three other people there that’s totally inappropriate and NOT OK especially if you don’t talk to me about it first. Now her and Bella actually dated that’s a completely different story. Bella has every right to be pissed y’all are crazy

  4. I use to think Bella Thorne was a smokeshow like 2-3 yrs ago. Now, if you look at any close up pics of her, needle marks in all the good spots I used. She is a heroin user. I know cuz I was one for 13 years. Disgusting, unwashed, disease ridden junkie. With Hep C more likely then not. Too bad. What a waste. Just like Lisa Robin Kelly. She won't make it to 30 I bet.

  5. Mod and tana have been friends forever and do music together? and Jake (tanas fiancé) was there…??? Bella is just being butt hurt and dramatic for attentionSORRY

  6. Ya know I’m not on anyone’s side but everyone in these comments seem to not understand the anger Bella has.
    That is her EX boyfriend and her best friend together
    Yeah her and mod are friends but she met Bella first
    Friend come before boys any day!
    Besides we don’t know why her and mod broke up and she could’ve been upset w him and wants support from her friends.
    Imagine any of ur exes hanging out w ur best friend …. you’d be pretty salty regardless how the relationship ended.
    I know i would! It would look very fishy and untrustworthy to me. Even if nothing was going on and Jake was there it would still hurt me that my friends are still gonna be close w my ex who i introduced them to…

  7. The world is different now, years ago the only Hollywood Life videos I saw were about Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.beef. Now it's youtuber gossip

  8. Hollywood life ur slackin tana said she had a side dude exact words from her lol she said it on her newest episode of her mtv youtube show tana turns 21

  9. Ive been a mod sun fan since his very start im talking i saw him at warped more than once lol anyways its really sad to see how bella has fucked him up.. he used to be such a happy hippy.. now hes just the center of attention gettin walked on by that crazy bitch 🙄

  10. Ok Tana and mod might be friends but If Bella was my friend, ex girlfriend, whatever the case I wouldn't go out with her ex. That's breaking girl code and Bella is absolutely right.





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