Beth Chapman Visits Doctor For Chemo & MRI On ‘Dog’s Most Wnated’ – HollywoodLife

Beth Chapman Visits Doctor For Chemo & MRI On ‘Dog’s Most Wnated’ – HollywoodLife 7
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On the Sept. 25 episode of ‘Dog’s Most Wanted,’ Dog and Beth leave a hunt early for one of her doctor’s appointments, and they fear they may not get good news.

Despite battling cancer, Beth Chapman is as involved as ever in bounty hunting on the Sept. 25 episode of Dog’s Most Wanted. However, she and her husband, Dog the Bounty Hunter, have to leave a hunt early so she can attend a pre-scheduled doctor’s appointment in Los Angeles. “Today, Dog and Beth are in L.A. for another chemo treatment,” the narrator explains. “While they’re there, they discuss getting an MRI to discuss new pain Beth has been having in her throat.”

During the trip, Dog also expresses concern about whether or not it’s worth it for Beth to continue with chemotherapy. “The doctor said that the chemo won’t cure it all, but it will slow it down,” he explains. “But as it slows it down, other parts of your body are going to die. That doesn’t sound right to me. I don’t really want her to do that. But I’m thinking…what if she does do the chemo and it cures it?” He hopes that the MRI will show that the tumor has shrunk, but Beth has other fears.

“It’s not just about the lungs today, it’s about the throat,” she says. “If this thing is growing back in my throat again for the third time…there’s something about it that’s causing it to rapidly grow.” At the end of the day, Dog knows the decision is in his wife’s hands, and he’s pretty convinced that she’s going to skip the appointment all together. “This is stuff that’s up to Beth and what she wants to do,” he admits. “But it sounds like she’s still at the store and her appointment is in a few minutes, so I think she’s kind of taking the high road and not going. “Dog calls up one of Beth’s friends to explain what’s going on. “I don’t think she’s going [to the doctor],” he says. “I don’t think they’re going to give her the good news she wants to hear.”

However, despite Beth’s lack of optimism, though, Dog is still hoping for a miracle. “When she first came out of the hospital [last time], she was lying in recovery and she barely could talk,” he reveals. “The doctor came to me and said..I’m not sure she’s going to pull out of this, we’ve been trying to wake her up, but she’s been in and out of consciousness and she might sleep into a coma. So I took a blank piece of paper and I laid it on her chest with a pen and I shook her hand and said, Honey, I want you to sign that, and she *gestures.* And the doctor said…she’s alright! But I don’t want to do anything negative that makes her think that my faith is not strong enough to get her through this. Miracles happen every day. We’re just waiting on ours.”

We’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to see what decision Beth makes. On a happier note, though, Dog’s team is successful in catching their fugitive, Brad Houser, back in Alabama, so Dog is assured that things can run smoothly…even when he’s away.

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