Beyoncé’s 38 Best Style Moments—Ever

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The wonderful thing about art of all forms is that it makes people uncomfortable. It can pose questions and raise awareness—and Beyonce’s performance at the 50th Super Bowl did just that. She performed Formation on the field in a black military-inspired leotard alongside her backup dancers rocking afros adorned with black berets.

Their looks paid homage to the Black Panthers 50 years after the group’s formation, and to say people were upset over these berets is an understatement. Granted they weren’t actually upset about the style choices, the running joke happened to be that people forgot she was black until this performance. During it, they were clearly reminded.

But just to be clear, Beyoncé has always been black; she just also has happened to be beloved by all, which is why this style moment was one for the books. She used her platform to stand up for communities of color—to bring forth an important conversation around police brutality, and to reinform about the misconceptions of the Black Panther Party—via her performance and styling choices. Frankly, nothing is more stylish than that.

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