Black Kitten Heel Shoes Are the Secret to Looking Polished 24/7

Black Kitten Heel Shoes Are the Secret to Looking Polished 24/7 7

This year there’s a fresh shoe trend on the rise that offers all of the elegance of a classic high heel, without any of the discomfort. Loved by the celebrity style set and cropping up all over my social media feeds, of course, I’m talking about the black kitten heel trend.

Whilst the kitten heel might feel very fresh to us in 2024, the hero silhouette has been big news before. Once a go-to amongst fashion people in the 90s, by the late 2000s the elegant trend had fallen out of favour and taller heels were the ones to know. Now, after years in hibernation, the elegant—and comfortable, shoe trend is back on the agenda, and it’s never looked better.

Influencer wears black kitten heels.

In a dark black hue with a sleek micro heel, black kitten heels are far from boring. With an elegant and sophisticated energy that’s hard to match the trend styles naturally with a flowing dresses, but looks just as chic when worn with baggy jeans.

Cropping in high street and designer retailers, the elegant shoe trend is becoming one of the season’s most prolific.

black kitten heels

With outfit elevating credentials that rival high heels, read on to discover our edit of the best black kitten heels to shop right now.