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‘New Amsterdam’ returns in 2020 with the hospital on lockdown. HL spoke with Janet Montgomery about what’s ahead for Bloom after her surgery, her relationship with Ligon, and more.

Dr. Bloom hasn’t had it easy in New Amsterdam season 2. From her ongoing recovery with addiction to the aftermath of the accident at the end of the season 1 finale, Bloom has been put through the wringer. Throughout the fall finale, Bloom questioned whether or not she took her pain medication after her surgery. There was a moment where it was clear Bloom started to suspect Ligon could have taken her meds. HollywoodLife sat down EXCLUSIVELY with Janet Montgomery to talk about what’s coming up with Bloom. Janet stressed that Bloom and Ligon’s relationship “takes a pretty drastic turn” in the winter premiere. She said everything “comes to a head with where she’s at in her recovery and some of the choices she’s made.”

Janet said that it will be revealed whether or not Bloom actually took the pain medication. “You’ll be quite happy that that comes to a conclusion of some kind,” she added. As for what’s ahead after the winter premiere, Janet teased, “She talks about her family in the first season and someone who is very important to her shows up in her life again.” This will allow for Bloom’s backstory and her relationship with her mother to be explored, which is something that Janet is excited about.

“It’s so crucial because how does addiction start? Is it hereditary? Or is it certain things that happened to you and I think there are certain behaviors that you need, as much as we all try not to behave in ways that our parents have, especially if they’ve behaved poorly, you can’t blame yourself for being a child responding to things,” Janet said. “All we can do is try and change when we get older but having her mother in her life again and staring her in the face is all the things she hates about herself is going to be really tough and hopefully interesting.”

Bloom and Reynolds have been close since the very beginning, with many fans hoping for a romantic relationship between them. Janet talked about what’s next for them. “That’s going to be a slow burn and we’ll see,” Janet revealed. “It sort of evolved into this friendship which I really like. I think that there’s so much work to do outside of a relationship before she can get into a relationship.”

Janet noted that Bloom will grow closer to another doctor at New Amsterdam. “I think Bloom is sort of a caterpillar that is going to evolve into this butterfly,” Janet continued. “She’s a lot like Max. He breaks the rules in order to help people but it’s so funny the different reactions that Max gets compared to Bloom. I think maybe we’re going to see more of how Max takes Bloom under his wing and you’ll see that relationship.”

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays 10 p.m. on NBC. The show has been renewed for three more seasons.

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