Buddy Roemer no longer pretending he might win the presidency


Bombshell news of the day: Buddy Roemer, former congressman and Louisiana governor, was apparently still running for president.

After dropping his bid for the Republican nomination, he was hoping to get the Reform Party or Americans Elect nod. Maybe putting his trust in Americans Elect wasn’t the best move:

Twitter profile of @BuddyRoemer says: "Support me at @AmericansElect." but since I signed up in November, there has never been any way.

— Robert Maas (@CalRobert) May 31, 2012

More from his campaign’s statement:

CAMPAIGN 2012: "The lack of ballot access in all 50 states makes the quest impossible for now," Roemer says… #mapoli

— Glen Johnson (@globeglen) May 31, 2012

Lack of ballot access? Or lack of support?

More Buddy Roemer: "We ran like we would serve – free to lead…accepted no contributions above $100" #decision2012

— Jo Ling Kent (@jolingkent) May 31, 2012

More @buddyroemer: "pledge a good portion of the rest of my life to enacting campaign reform in the halls of Congress and corridors of WH"

— Jo Ling Kent (@jolingkent) May 31, 2012

Buddy, we hardly knew ye.


Did he HAVE a campaign? RT @breakingpol: Governor Charles 'Buddy' Roemer suspends presidential campaign – Statement via @NBCNews

— Steve Lambson (@kremlincardinal) May 31, 2012

So what’s next for Buddy Roemer?

@buddyroemer will start new bipartisan organization to "highlight corruption and its effect on policy and public perception."

— Jo Ling Kent (@jolingkent) May 31, 2012

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