Bugle Bead Memory Wire Bracelet: Easy Jewelry Tutorial

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Here’ a pretty memory wire bracelet inspired by two skeins of beads. We bought the turquoise beads at a bead show. But we didn’t find a project for them until we saw the gold cylinder beads. These two colors of beads looked so gorgeous together we just had to us them together.

Presenting The Bugle Bead Memory Wire Bracelet! The bugle beads take up more space on the wire than cylinder seed beads. So the beading goes fast. We moved the focal section of gold cylinder beads by subtracting a turquoise bead in the bead pattern each time around.

Memory wire is very hard wire. It is permanently curved into a spring, like a Slinky. You can pull the coils of the memory wire bracelet apart to put the bracelet on. They will spring back into the bracelet shape once it’s on. It makes for a great beginner bracelet project because it’s practically one size fits all and you don’t need to put on a clasp!

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How To Make A Bugle Bead Memory Wire Bracelet
by Jennifer and Kitty O’Neil
Running With Sisters

Memory wire, bracelet size, gold color
Bugle beads, turquoise
Cylinder seed beads, gold
Round-nose pliers
Wire cutters (heavy duty)

1. Count out five coils of memory wire. Keep going around the last coil one inch. Then cut the wire with the heavy duty wire cutters. (You can make this any number of memory wire coils you like. We did five.)

2. Use the round-nose pliers to make loop in one end of the wire. The memory wire is very hard and you’ll need to use some elbow grease to turn the pliers to make the loop. The loop will keep the beads from sliding off the end.

3. To get the bead pattern started, slide on 2 gold cylinder beads. Then add 3 turquoise beads, followed by 2 gold. Repeat, adding 3 turquoise and 2 gold beads until you are halfway around the first coil. Slide the beads all the way to the loop to see your progress.

4. To create the focal section slide on 13 gold cylinder beads.

5. Then go back to beading the pattern of 3 turquoise bugle beads and 2 gold cylinder beads followed by 3 turquoise beads and 2 gold beads until you have gone around that coil and are back at the gold focal section. Instead of adding 3 turquoise beads, add 2. This will shift the focal section over one bead.

6. Add another section of 13 gold cylinder beads.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until all 5 coils are beaded.

8. Use the heavy duty pliers to roll a loop in the end of the memory wire bracelet as you did in the beginning.

9. Use the heavy duty pliers to trim any excess wire from the loop.

Have you tried using memory wire? We have used it to make lots of bracelets from single bangles to stacked. See a few projects below. If you have any questions about using memory wire, leave us a comment and we promise to reply!
Happy Crafting,
Jennifer & Kitty

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