California Woman Busted After Stealing Stanley Cups Worth $2.5K

California Woman Busted After Stealing Stanley Cups Worth $2.5K 7

A 23-year-old California woman is behind bars after her Stanley Cup craze turned criminal! According to PEOPLE, police arrested the woman on Wednesday, January 17. They say she ran out of a local store with thousands worth of drinkware.

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More Details Regarding The California Woman’s Crime

The Roseville Police Department put the cup criminal on blast via a Facebook post on Sunday, January 21. Their post explained that the week before, officers responded to a retail store’s theft report. 

The staff told police they saw a woman “take a shopping cart full of Stanley water bottles.” Unbothered by the staff’s orders, the woman walked out the store’s doors and “stuffed her car with the stolen merchandise,” per police.

An officer was able to locate the suspect entering Highway 65 and initiated a traffic stop. Authorities ultimately arrested the woman but have not yet identified her.

The Stanley Cup Stealer Now Faces Criminal Charge

According to the police department, a subsequent search of the woman’s vehicle “resulted in the recovery of 65 Stanley products” worth $2,500. Her current charge for the stunt is Grand Theft.

In their post, the officers discouraged others from committing crimes to fill their thirst for a Stanley Cup!

“While Stanley Quenchers are all the rage, we strongly advise against turning to crime to fulfill your hydration habits… The Roseville Police Department remains committed to stopping retail theft,” their post reads.

The Roseville Police Department also shared photos of all the items they confiscated from ole’ girl’s vehicle.

What’s Up With This Stanley Cup Craze?

According to CNN, the “all-steel vacuum-insulated” Stanley Cup was invented in 1913 to keep beverages hot or cold.

However, in 2020, the item was revamped for a specific target audience of women. The company unveiled popping colors and designs for the cups and tapped into influencer marketing for promotion.

Since then, the Stanley Cups have repeatedly gone viral. In December, Target released special edition Valentine’s Day quenchers. Trending videos showed stampedes of shoppers rushing to get their hands on the $20 to $45 bottles!

Some Stanley Cups were resold on eBay at a whopping $280 for those unable to snag any.

According to PEOPLE, Starbucks also released its line of Stanley Cups available at its locations within Target. However, similar chaos ensued, with customers clamoring to get their hands on one by any means necessary.

Ultimately, third-party resellers resold the Starbucks Stanleys at much higher price points.

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