Cameron Boyce Dad Reveals Star's Last Photo In Emotional Tribute

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Cameron Boyce’s parents are speaking out after losing their son. Plus – Debby Ryan posts another tribute after facing backlash for her previous one.
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  1. You were a light to me and everyone. You made us laugh when we were down. You were the best. We lost a beautiful and great person. We all love you Cameron!!❤️

  2. Lost souls on social media need to leave Debby alone and let her grieve. She's obviously heart broken so please let her heal. I used to watch the Jessie show with my baby cousin and I always thought that Cameron was an interesting kid. Just sucks that tragedies are completely unavoidable and it always happens to the real ones.

  3. His in our hearts 💖💗💕💓 and our minds and in each and every one of us I quote from the spider man into the spider verse movie" I see this spark in you and it's amazing." And it was amazing talking about him makes my heart break 💔💔💔💔💔

  4. He made us all better people and changed the world too I'm sad he went but it was fate now we will soon see him in heaven because he was good and since he made us all better people we will go to heaven to because of him. I never really knew him on a personal level but in a sense we all know him inside our hearts

  5. You bring the light to the darkness and turn hate into love. Roses are red violates are blue you loved us and we love you. Rest in peace our beloved Cameron

  6. i loved Cameron when i was 4 my sis was friends with cameron boyce and when he came to are home we loved him with all of are life and the last word i said to him was have fun
    but he is still here guys but to know he is here is to love him

  7. RIP Cameron Boyce
    Ik you can't die
    You are still in our hearts alive
    God plz send our blessings to him
    I'm not crying 😭😭
    I'm getting stronger coz you are my inspiration ❤️

  8. Honestly when I hear the news I assumed it was fake. But it’s real and it sends me shivers like people can die just like that so unexpected. Rip Cameron Boyce will always love you so much! You were always my fav character in Jessie (still are) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Disney had a pen
    Cameron has a highlighter
    Disney drew the world
    Cameron lighted it up.
    ❤️we miss you Cameron
    I know people may have seen this somewhere down in the comments,this isn’t copying I just love this so much.

  10. r.i.p Cameron u will be missed but will always remember you always so many laughs my granddaughter luvs u and is saddened by your passing I no your making everyone laugh in heaven ❤❤

  11. He was such a funny and happy soul.
    He died so Young.
    Why did it have to be him.
    He did nothing wrong.
    He was such a joyful person.
    R.I.P Cameron Boyce 💙💚💛❤

  12. Heck even STRAIGHT guys had crushes on him because of his inside out beauty! I wonder if him and Karan were dating. That would've been AMAZING!😢😭🌈💙💛❤💜

  13. HE HAD EPILEPSY?!?!! I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST A RANDOM SEIZER now I’m scarred my friend has epilepsy:( and he died freaking young ;( like my uncle

  14. So, not many deaths have shaken me lately

    I didnt know much about Desmon but bless him in heaven, because he changed so many lives as I saw in countless videos

    My great aunt's death didn't hit too hard. I cried, but it wasnt a bawl.

    Let's play pretend.

    You're you 8 years ago, and I'm me 8 years ago

    Let's go back in time.

    A little, short, mental journey.

    Let's go back to the days when young adults or late teens now would wake up in the morning as young teens, or even as kids.

    You look forward to watching tv, because you werent too interested in video games, or going outside, or drawing. You turn it to disney channel to look for one simple show. You've watched every episode that came out so far, and you're eager to see more. "Hey, Jessie," the first thing you hear when you watched.

    Before I was fully committed to liking women 100%, I had a little girl crush on Cameron Boyce. He was that comedy relief. The hilarious little boy with energy. The kid with the Koala. Kenny the Koala. He had a smile that brought other smiles behind screens.

    This man was a one of a kind.

    To know he died at my age of a seizure hurts more than anything.

    He died in his sleep


    He went to bed one night. A normal night. Expecting there to be a tomorrow.

    And it never came

    I'm late on this, I really am, but my feelings were late on it, too. I have a hard way of coping with things like this. A death occurs, and I dont understand the impact for days. If it even hurts that much.

    But, it sure as hell impacted me now. A part of my childhood is gone, and the world has been robbed of one of the most precious gems known around as "Sunshine in Shoes." May he rest easy, and be let known that he was one of the best.

    Let's go back in time

    Once upon a time…





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