Cameron Boyce Sister Gives Emotional Tribute As Descendants 3 Cancels Premiere

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We have new developments surrounding Cameron Boyce’s tragic death. Plus – his sister is speaking out after loosing her brother. #CameronBoyce …
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  1. Cameron is right…we should change the world…right now, the world is terrible but i can sense that it is slightly changing into a better place…lets make Cameron proud and make the world a great place to live me, he is not dead..he is living in my heart and others' hearts..R.I.P Cameron will forever be loved

  2. Dear Cameron,

    why Cameron, why?…it’s so SAD , i can’t. 😭 thank you so much Cameron for making my childhood the BEST one. i wish i could see you someday but it’s too late..😭😭 i wish i could see you, give you a letter but i’m in a different country. so, this is my letter to you. so, Cameron. i just want to say that you are the SWEETEST, KINDEST, AMAZING , and a TALENTED PERSON ( and etc. ). you’ve always make me SMILE and LAUGH. you’ve been always be a FUNNY one. you’ve been a HARDWORKING person. when you passed away…, i felt like i was empty, shocked, and depressed.. i couldn’t feel happiness. i was just empty and sad..
    but mostly, it was SHOCKING. i don’t know why but i want to express how i feel during that time. you are such an AMAZING person, Cameron. you have made everyone SMILE. 🙂 always remember we LOVE you and we will MISS you! we are so PROUD of you! always be HAPPY, be KIND, think POSITIVITY, and live PEACEFULLY. ( etc. , etc. ). Rest In Peace, Cameron, my childhood crush, heh. ( don’t judge okay? ). I LOVE YOU INFINITY! and you’ll be always be in my HEART! 😭🤧😪💔💕

    – Psalm 🤧💔💕

  3. I always say that God wanted this perfect angel home as soon as possible. That's why he was taken. God needed to meet this earth angel.

  4. Er war einer der tollsten menschen er hat sich so für die umwelt eingesetzt mein herz schmerzt wenn ich daran denke das er tot ist und gott einen so tollen menschen gehen lassen hat Rest In Peace als Mensch geboren und als legende gestorben🙏🏻💔

  5. Camreon is and always will be my idol rip even tho I never met him he felt like a brother to me always making me laugh love u camreon hope you enjoy heaven look after us 💔💔😍😘❤❤❤❤❤





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