Camila Cabello Speaks On Fifth Harmony Split & Defends Taylor Swift

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Camila Cabello opens up about defending Taylor Swift and relationship with former Fifth Harmony members. Plus, Taylor Swift drops some big hints on …
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  1. When Camila left its like the history repeat itself with Spice Girls and Geri leaving. I guess every generation has to have this kind of a hearbreak lol

  2. These news about Taylor are not true. The hearts are the cookies she baked for her fans and the bracelets were presents her fans gave to her. Also she supported LGBTQ community in one video and that's why her hair was that way. Wtf is wrong with u people…

  3. Omg I dont think Taylor is bisexual. She supports the LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 community 💯 and not because she supports them with a passion means she gay too.. I support them 💯 and I do it cause they human too and they are the best humans in the whole wide world.

  4. Taylor is queen. Her sexuality shouldn't be anyone's concern. As for Ari, I'm happy for her. And I really hope fifth harmony will come back again together (with camila) ❤ all are queens.. No hate. Love love

  5. I decided to go over to her Taylor Swift’s tumblr page and it’s basically a bunch of people telling her she needs sleep and to stop liking there post of them dancing to her music…





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