Camila Cabello Unfollows Shawn Mendes Fans After Mean Comments

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Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello seem to react to fans throwing shade at their romance. Ariana Grande kisses ‘Boyfriend’ Mikey from Social House for their …
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  1. Why do people get triggered whenever they see two adorable couple only just showing love for one another? Is it because they have too much hate in them so much so that even love cant melt it away 😔😯

  2. I don’t like Camila Cabello , and after that , I hate her . She didn’t have to do this , she had to be professional . It’s my point of view so don’t be violent

  3. As if Camila would unfollow her "boyfriend" because of some stupid comments… People won't stop commenting things on her Instagram, if anything they will even comment some more stuff.

  4. I think people are just fed up because they're showing so much pda and still not confirming whether they are an item or not. If you choose to share all the pda in your life then you cant pick and choose when it doesn't suit you to confirm a relationship. All the mocking will continue until they just set the record straight… it's not that difficult

  5. I think their mad because Shawn and Camila’s relationship is just PR for Señorita, and I totally get it like it’s been going on too long and it’s getting annoying now.

  6. Honestly the Mendes Army just turned into a fan base full of a bunch of toxic 11 year olds dreaming to be with Shawn like no hunny he doesn’t even know your name. Hopefully the fandom gets back in place and respects Shawn and Camila’s relationship❤️

  7. as soon as i heard “ariana grande made out with her boyfriend” i died. just bc she’s a celebrity you gotta make a drama segment on how she did a normal thing you do in a relationship? y’all are too extra fr

  8. How do people think they actually have the right to talk crap about a relationship THAT THEY ARENT EVEN IN?!? I’m sorry it just really pisses me off like it’s their PERSONAL life not yours and you think they need or want you’re input like no sweetie sit down and And the sad fact is the people hating on their relationship is most likely a fan of shawn more specifically a girl hating because they aren’t in the same position as Camilla. Like let them be think about how they feel. Walk a mile in their shoes and see how much it affect you. Geez like get over it and let them like their life. And if the fans really love Shawn they would let him be and let him be happy with someone he cares for/ love about you’re love life not theirs.

  9. how in the world could anyone bodyshame camilla she literally has the most sexiest body ever if anyone body shamed her they’re either jealous or just plain blinddd!!!

  10. Camila is beautiful
    Ariana's new song is trash. What a Taylor Swift copycat she is
    Cardi B shouldn't perform in Brazil
    Nicki is okay with marriage



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