Camille’s House Burns Down & Kyle Reveals An Eating Disorder – Hollywood Life

Camille’s House Burns Down & Kyle Reveals An Eating Disorder – Hollywood Life 7
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While in France, Kyle revealed a deeply personal secret. And back at home, Camille and Denise Richards dealt with the aftermath of a massive wildfire.

Kyle, Erika, Dorit, Teddi, and Lisa Rinna arrived in Provence, France, for their wine-tasting adventure, during the June 11 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while the trip started out on a high note, tears quickly followed. The first emotional moment from this week’s episode came when the group had learned that Camille‘s house burned down in as massive wildfire. Camille initially thought her house was safe, but because the winds shifted direction, the flames quickly engulfed the home she shared with her new husband. The ladies, who had already arrived in France when they discovered what had happened, were devastated. Fortunately, Denise‘s house was still standing, but her community wasn’t as lucky, as houses were seen completely demolished when she and her husband, Aaron, drove through the Malibu neighborhood.

Meanwhile, while touring the local villages, Kyle opened up to the group and revealed — for the first time on camera — that she had once suffered from anorexia. Kyle cried while sharing the story because it was something she hadn’t even told her daughters yet, and the thought of telling them about her eating disorder always “terrified” her. But she said that her anorexia was so bad that she once weighed under 100lbs., and would sometimes only eat 5-6 almonds a day. She even used to heat up V8 juice and eat it like soup. She said that people would compliment how good she looked, and that would only make everything worse because she’d just keep eating less and less to maintain her skinny figure.

Later, during dinner, Erika became frustrated with Teddi and Kyle because she felt they were trying to bait her into getting upset with Lisa Rinna for using her persona to attack Kim Richards. They kept telling Erika how she “should” be upset about Lisa being so vulgar while acting like her, but Erika wasn’t. In fact, Erika celebrated the fact that Lisa Rinna and Kim made up and decided to move on with their lives after years of feuding with each other. So for her, there was no point in getting upset over it. She even found it surprising that Kyle and Teddi didn’t feel the same way.

To cap off the night — and end the awkwardness at the table — Lisa asked if anyone wanted dessert, but no one responded.


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