Cardi B Arrested After Fighting Offset's Alleged Side Chick | Hollywoodlife

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Cardi B turns herself in to the New York Police. Plus – Cardi’s sister Hennessy disses Nicki Minaj. #CardiB #NickiMinaj Cardi turned herself in at the Flushing …
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  1. Listen to this stupid ghetto bitch talkin about we need a president that isn't going to send us to war does broads constantly in trouble causing drama all over the place we don't need 25 to 18 voting especially these Hood people they don't give a fuck cuz they got 5 On It

  2. I thought i hated yall from your fb but when I heard you say wth It Was A Confirmed Fact.

  3. Dude, I love cardi but like just one thing to say. She should have beat up offset even though I love him as well

  4. I mean I understand Cardi should’ve beat up the man who has been cheating on her. But Cardi is a celebrity so the side chick knew that Cardi’s man was cheating it’s obvious yeah I can hook up with a celebrity but if you know cardi she honest and throw hands without thinking. ????‍♀️

  5. wow, all she said was she has no stage presence, and her ratchet sister think it's okay to bring someone else's name into it and claim they do drugs? that's pretty pathetic and just shows how they're both irrelevant if they aren't talking about nicki minaj. with a name like hennessy does the bitch really think she has room to judge anybody?

  6. Ah what is going on in the mind of CARDI B? She's wasting her time fighting ????‍♀️

  7. U shouldn't have a wife if you're still gonna have a side chick, u should be loyal and you should love one person, your wife, or don't marry in the first place and choose one or the other, your girlfriend or your side chick, they deserve your whole heart.

  8. This is not cardi b fault. it is offset for cheating on her. would you like it if your husband cheated on you with someone

  9. I feel bad for her child..having a mom constantly cursing, and wearing inappropriate clothing..

  10. i used to like her but if gonna be wit all this bs just go back to love and hiphop

  11. That hoe still fighting over offset if he can cheat on u once baby believe he gone do it again get use to being with a hoe


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